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UPSC Prelims 2024: Difficult GS Paper, While Testbook Sets Bar High With Mentorship in Coaching

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) conducted its Preliminary Examination on June 16, 2024, making it an adventure ride for aspirants aiming to join India’s elite civil services. The General Studies (GS) Paper 1, a significant component of the prelims, was generally perceived as moderately difficult by candidates and experts. In short, this year’s GS paper challenged the aspirants’ knowledge and preparation strategies.


Moderate Difficulty GS Paper


Candidates opined that the GS paper’s difficulty level reminded them of the 2017 and 2018 exams, where there was a fair distribution of questions across various subjects. Polity, a staple of the prelims, featured approximately 18 questions that were easy to moderate difficulty, primarily sourced from standard texts like Laxmikant and DD Basu. Geography questions were relatively straightforward, many of which were sourced from NCERT books. Environment and Ecology also saw the same scenario with approximately 10 questions, together dominating the overall weightage with Geography.


On the other hand, the Economy section of the paper, which had 15 questions, leaned towards emerging economic trends and government schemes, reflecting current socio-economic developments. Science and Technology had questions that can be called in terms of difficulty, focused on new technologies. Current Affairs, as expected, had significant representation with 19 questions, reinforcing the importance of staying updated with the latest developments over the past two years. Surprising many, Modern History, particularly the Indian National Movement, was nearly absent this time.


Cut-off Predictions by Coaching Institutions


Meanwhile, several leading coaching institutes like Unacademy and Vision IAS have already published their cut-off predictions and answer keys for the candidates. These resources are crucial for aspirants to measure their performance and plan their next steps accordingly. In a comparative analysis, Testbook Nirnay IAS has shown notable effectiveness, with reports indicating more than 40 questions asked in the GS paper were already covered in Testbook’s classroom content. This success highlights their comprehensive and targeted preparation strategy.


Testbook Nirnay IAS: A Competitive Edge


While institutes like Unacademy and Vision IAS offer extensive resources and have a massive following, Testbook Nirnay IAS is emerging as a new leader in the industry through its innovative approaches. Their strategy includes financial rewards for top performers and job opportunities for students who clear the Mains, adding significant value apart from mere exam preparation.


Notably, Testbook Nirnay IAS has been highly rated for its mentorship quality. In comparison to other mentorship programs, Testbook Nirnay IAS stands out because of its personalized guidance, structured approach, and high success rate among its mentees. This program’s focus on individual attention and strategic planning has set a benchmark in UPSC coaching, making it a leader in mentorship quality.


In the end, The UPSC Prelims 2024 has set the stage for a competitive Mains examination. As aspirants analyze their performance and seek guidance for the next phase, the role of coaching institutes remains pivotal. Institutes like Unacademy, Vision IAS, and Testbook Nirnay IAS all contribute significantly to the preparation journey of aspirants’. 


Innovative approaches and the comprehensive support system of Testbook Nirnay IAS have reshaped the preparation landscape, offering aspirants not just knowledge but a pathway to their dreams. While the cut-off predictions circulate and candidates await the results, the focus now shifts to diligent preparation for the Mains, underscoring the relentless pursuit of excellence that defines the UPSC journey.



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