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Svdaa: All set to create new milestones in the world of beauty.

Welcome to Svdaa, where beauty meets nature in a harmonious blend of organic skincare solutions. Mr. Subhash Ramdin Prajapati, CEO, Founder and Director of Svdaa, apart from being rich in his business acumen, thinking, personality and talent, his connection with his roots and love for the people makes his personality more valuable, he has learned from his experience and trends of the people. And understood the needs.


Founder, Director and CEO Subhash Ramdin Prajapati has immense expertise in all types of marketing including B2C, D2C and D2D etc. and given his exponential skills like data analysis, business analytics, financial accounting, marketing etc., he also has ample knowledge of different levels of marketing.  According to the CEO, Founder and Director, from all cultures every young man or woman wants to dress up and look more beautiful, In such a situation, when they buy some products without checking the quality, the results may not be as per their desire, and they get disappointed. We have tried to convert their despair into hope through our brand Svdaa. I hope that you will see clearly after using each of our products. 


Dressing up is a common thing in Indian tradition at every festival and every family function, this enthusiasm is seen among youth, adults, men, women and even children, be it Diwali, Eid, Christmas or any Family function. Keeping this tradition of Indian custom in mind, we will make Svdaa one of the largest beauty care products in the coming years with a vast range of beauty care products. It will not only take care of your face and your beauty but also give you a comfortable and easy shopping experience so that you can feel confident while shopping for your favourite product in easy steps.


According to CEO and Founder Subhash Ramdin Prajapati and Co-Founders, Ranjana V. Kale (Sharma), and Kailash Wati, our commitment to purity and efficacy is evident in every product we offer. India has been rich in a variety of rare herbs since ancient times. In today’s stressful and busy environment, everyone wants to look attractive. Our R&D team has carefully formulated it with the best form and guidelines using Ayurveda (Ayurveda and Science) technology with a combination of natural and natural Ayurveda and herbs. 


Apart from offering premium quality beauty care products at affordable prices, we have a highly experienced, talented customer service team that will assist you round the clock, we are offering you our dynamic catalogue, which offers a range of beauty care products. Does it. We are confident that this will help Svdaa succeed in India’s rapidly growing beauty care market.


Keeping in mind all the international standards in terms of product quality and packing design of each product, we have designed excellent packing at very affordable prices, which makes all our products very attractive. Holding tight to our principles, our core objective has remained the same: to provide beauty-conscious men and women with the best products per their expectations at the lowest prices, products they can purchase from the comfort of their mobile phones.


On every occasion like a wedding anniversary or birthday, you can send your favourite products as gifts to your loved ones. A well-educated Svdaa customer service team will work for you round the clock and will be able to answer all your questions regarding the purchase and selection of products.


“We are set to create an unprecedented and indelible mark in the world of beauty products”






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