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OSMF Smile Tooth Gel Natural Toothpaste Gets the “Amazon’s Choice” Badge For Promoting A Healthy Smile


With a unique blend of Power of Aloe Vera with 11 herbal ingredients, this tooth gel is one of the MVPs of Amazon. Fluoride Free and Non Abrasive Natural Toothgel with their Great Benefits. 


AHMEDABAD, GUJARAT, INDIA, JUNE 3, 2024 – That’s great news! The “Amazon’s Choice” badge is a mark of recognition for products that are popular, well-priced, and highly rated on Amazon. OSMF Smile Tooth Gel Natural Toothpaste earning this badge highlights its quality and effectiveness, particularly for its Five Action Formula aimed at promoting a healthy smile. It’s a testament to the product’s reputation and the satisfaction of its customers.


OSMF Smile Toothgel stands out in the crowded toothpaste market by offering a unique blend of features. Firstly, it’s fluoride-free and non-abrasive, catering to consumers who prefer natural alternatives for their oral care. Fluoride is a controversial ingredient in toothpaste, and some individuals prefer to avoid it due to concerns about its potential health effects. Additionally, the absence of abrasives ensures gentle yet effective cleaning without causing damage to tooth enamel or gums.


Overview Video of OSMF Smile Toothgel Best herbal Toothpaste – Whitening, Teeth Cavity & Sensitivity, Gum disease, Fluoride Free 


Moreover, the toothgel’s formulation is the result of extensive expertise, being invented and developed by a best dentist Dr Bharat Agravat with 25 years of experience and 18 awards to their name. This professional background adds credibility and trustworthiness to the product, assuring consumers of its quality and efficacy.


Overall, OSMF Smile Toothgel’s fluoride-free, non-abrasive, and dentist-developed formula offers a compelling alternative in the toothpaste market, catering to consumers seeking effective yet gentle oral care solutions.


Five Action Formula Benefits For A Healthy Smile…

Healthy Gums.

Strong Teeth.

Fresh Breath.

Whitens Teeth.

Fights Cavities.


One of Dr. Agravat Healthcare most popular products, the OSMF Smile Tooth Gel, has been bestowed with the Amazon’s Choice Badge. This fluoride free and gluten free herbal toothpaste has caught the attention and affection of thousands of customers, and eventually the Amazon team’s, in the massive sales the product has been generating with tremendous benefits for even those people who do not have OSMF. 


Containing Aloe Vera and multiple other Ayurvedic ingredients, the OSMF Smile Tooth Gel has been in the forefront in propelling good gum health and reducing sensitivity of the teeth so people can eat and drink everything without having to worry about toothache. This Amazon Choice Badge is a stamp of authority of the product’s immense benefits, tremendous quality, and a huge level of customer satisfaction taken into account for the badge. 


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OSMF Smile Toothgel – a brand with a difference Ayurvedic Proprietary toothpaste are Patented, FDCA approved, CE Certified, Manufacture in GMP facility, Award winner, and made in India. Sold by Dr. Agravat Healthcare Ltd and already distributed across the US, Canada, Southeast Asia, Australia, London, and Russia with Amazon world wide. They are also used and recommended by many dentists, fitness expert, and several health experts.





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