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Due to high premiums, 30% of people do not get health insurance: study

<p>According to a recent survey conducted by the healthcare provider Pristyn Care, 3 out of 10 Indian city dwellers do not get health insurance because of the exorbitant costs. Furthermore, roughly 34% of individuals are not very knowledgeable about the types of health insurance that are available.</p>
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<p>3,150 participants from Mumbai, Delhi, Gurugram, Noida, Chennai, Bengaluru, Patna, Kochi,  Vijayawada, and Kanpur participated in the research.</p>
<p>According to the report, the Covid-19 epidemic, with its unpredictable nature and fatal outcomes, brought to light important healthcare lessons and the need for the system to become more flexible and resilient in the years to come.</p>
<p>The virus surprised us all by spreading quickly, overwhelming hospitals and straining supply networks.</p>
<p>According to the poll, 42% of respondents raised their insurance limit and 45% of respondents purchased health insurance during the pandemic, demonstrating the significance and worth of having health insurance.</p>
<p>More than 60% of respondents to the survey said they believe medical treatments are affordable in India, yet 5 out of 10 patients in tier 2 and tier 3 cities still go to metro areas in search of better care.</p>
<p>When asked what needs to be improved most about the Indian healthcare system, 30% of respondents said that medical treatment should be more affordable, and 24% said that healthcare professionals’ quality should rise.</p>
<p>Positively, seven out of ten respondents in major cities say they are happy with how accessible surgical care is in their area right now. These results demonstrate India’s commitment to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and its understanding that robust economies and communities depend on healthy populations.</p>

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