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On January 22, Hero MotoCorp will unveil a 440cc motorcycle that is said to be based on the Harley X440

<p>There have been hints of a new Hero MotoCorp motorbike; it may be a high-end, big bike based on the Harley-Davidson X440.</p>
<p><img decoding=”async” class=”alignnone wp-image-336361″ src=”×422.jpg” alt=” on january 22 hero motocorp will unveil a 440cc motorcycle that is said to be base” width=”1301″ height=”732″ title=”On January 22, Hero MotoCorp will unveil a 440cc motorcycle that is said to be based on the Harley X440 6″ srcset=”×422.jpg 750w,×576.jpg 1024w,×432.jpg 768w,×864.jpg 1536w,×220.jpg 390w,×84.jpg 150w, 1600w” sizes=”(max-width: 1301px) 100vw, 1301px” /></p>
<p>The local two-wheeler maker has teased the large bike with an audio clip. Because of the deep bassiness of the exhaust tone, which is similar to that of the Harley-Davidson X440, there have been rumors of a huge bike from India’s leading two-wheeler brand emerging.</p>
<p>The 440cc motorbike that the business is releasing on January 22nd was hinted at lately. In addition to the manufacturer’s deviation from its usual products, the teaser stands out due to its unique bassy exhaust tone, which heightens the sense of mystery.</p>
<p>Hero is reportedly expanding its inventory of luxury category automobiles by offering models with two different engines and architectures. This action is a component of the plan. It’s even feasible that a whole new engine will debut.</p>
<p>Hero MotoCorp claims that the next large bike would bring in a new era. Hero MotoCorp, which now has the highest share of the commuter motorbike market thanks to its Splendour series, has made it clear that it wants to be a major player in the luxury class.</p>
<p>Hero MotoCorp and Harley-Davidson have joined forces to monitor this objective. Under the terms of their collaboration, the two businesses released the Harley-Davidson X440 motorbike for sale in India in 2023 at a total cost of Rs 2.29 lakh (ex-showroom). The X440 is now the most affordable Harley-Davidson in the history of the brand. The roadster faced competition from tough models like the Royal Enfield Classic 350.</p>
<p>It is expected that the new Hero motorbike would share many parts with the Harley-Davidson X440 in addition to the engine and gearbox. The Harley-Davidson X440 motorcycle’s 440 cc air and oil-cooled single-cylinder engine can generate up to 27 bhp of peak power at 6,000 rpm and 38 Nm of maximum torque at 4,000 rpm.</p>
<p>Expect the Hero motorbike to have the same engine as the X440, which means it will have the same torque and power output. It is anticipated that the braking and suspension systems will be the same as those found in the X440.</p>
<p>However, Hero MotoCorp is probably going to utilize a distinctive design for its next motorbike. It is expected that the next Hero motorbike will sport a classic style. More details regarding the new motorbike should be revealed in the following days.</p>

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