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Rats are one of the largest group of mammals and can adapt living on almost all diversities. Rats, although an integral part of our ecosystem, they can be a menace to the domestic society and cause severe damage to your automobile belongings. They also damage your house articles such as wires, pipes, accessories and other electronic appliances. Rats are mostly found in un-hygienic places and carry many types of bacteria and definitely not are not welcome to your vehicles. 

These uninvited rodents make their way into your parked / stationary vehicles via multiple inlets and cause severe damage to the parts and result in faulty working of the vehicle and expensive repair charges. There are namely a few parts of your car where rats easily enter and multiply such as the vents, trunk of the car, air filter boxes, dash board compartments etc. Few common signs you should note to identify rodent infestation are the foul smell, rat scratching noise, chew marks on wires, batteries etc.

Commonly, rats chew on all wirings including the important ones around the engine, shred gauze in air vents, scratch the seats, cushion, damage the batteries and can even possibly start a fire. Rats cause total wreckage of the vehicle in worst cases. The charges on repairing the vehicles is often very expensive. 

Hence, every vehicle owner must be aware of some humane ways to repel rats from their vehicles. When you are troubled by such rats and rodents, here is the perfect guide on humane remedies to repel rats from your cars and bikes. There are several rat traps and sprays that only trap the rats and not kill them/ physically injure the rats, such as –

  • Glue traps – They use a non-poisonous adhesive glue over cardboard sheets, so that the rat sticks on it when it steps on the glue pad. 
  • Live traps / Snap traps – With tempting baits, rats are allured to the box, which then closes and traps the rat inside. 
  • Rat repellent sprays – When sprayed on possible areas of rat menace, effectively keeps rats away. The spray does not contain any harmful chemicals. 

It is also advised to maintain the vehicle parking area clean, with sufficient light. No food items to be left behind in your vehicles and food spillage should be minimized, as food invites rats to the area. Peppermint oil can be used to keep rats away from your vehicles. 

On the other hand, using poisonous rat baits, electronic rat traps or traps that kill or cause permanent damage to rats are not considered humane method for rat control. Killing rats by using traps is often not a humane method. Using rat repellent sprays and safe glue traps from Shadow Etail can be an effective rat control method to keep your cars, vehicles and home hygienic. It prevents rat damage and unnecessary repair expenses to your vehicles. 

Tom Cat rat and rodent repellent sprays aims to keep away the rodents from your vehicles without killing or trapping or poisoning the rats. These specially designed rat repellent sprays are non-toxic and not harmful to the rats. The spray bottles are user friendly and is leak proof. The spray bottle consists of an easy flowing nozzle, which ensures that every spray is distributed evenly with the accurate amount of liquid needed. 

The fact that it is non-toxic does not compromise on it’s efficiency to repel the rats. Tom Cat rat repellent spray is very efficient and keeps away the rats effectively, when sprayed near your vehicle. 

The steps to be followed for application are – Your vehicle must be cleaned thoroughly before application of the spray. This removes all the left-over food particles if any, other dust and debris that may attract rats. Spray the Tom Cat rat repellent spray on your vehicle namely on the possible areas of rat entry and infestation, such as the vents, doors, engine area. Repeat the spraying process at regular intervals of about 20 days to maintain the concentration and to ensure that the repellent activity is effective. 

Owing to the full safety of humans and animals, the Tom Cat spray is formulated to be non – poisonous even when it comes in contact with your skin. 

This product is exclusively designed to protect the car engine, wires and cables. After application of the product, it makes the rats to stop chewing on the automobile parts, however, the movement of rats may be observed for a short time. Ultimately, your vehicle is protected from damage by rats/ rodents and large amounts of money saved from vehicle repair. 

While there are numerous other brands that claim their rodent repelling spray is the best, it is to be noted that those brands produced side effects when applied and are often identified as toxic. Tom Cat stands above all the other brands in all terms of quality, safety and efficacy. Tom Cat repellent spray is field tested for it’s effectiveness and after undergoing quality tests at various levels, it is scientifically proven that these sprays are highly effective of about 98% in repelling rat chew. 

Shadow Etail is a global company that is driven by sustainability and has complied with all criteria that makes the product safe to use regularly. Additional benefit of using Tom Cat spray is that it is Eco Safe. The spray is made only with water as a solvent and does not contain any organic solvents. Repelling effect of rats could be observed as early as few hours to days after Tom Cat spray application. 

Tom Cat is the first brand in India to introduce rodent protectant spray for vehicles such as bikes, cars, trucks etc., that only repels the animals and not kill / ham them.  

Using Tom Cat rat repelling spray also has a great advantage that it is pocket friendly and affordable by all people. These rat repel sprays is available at lowest prices from Rs.349 for 100 ml and Rs 449 for 100 ml. Bob Cat Rat traps are available from 229 rs for pack of 3 and in sizes Medium and Jumbo. 

Shadow Etail is India’s Leading Lifestyle Utility House of Brands and has multiple brands and products such as Tom Cat, Bob Cat & Lubrizap. These products can be purchased in marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, Meesho, Jio Mart, Vibe City and at Use code AMZ150OFF to get a 150 Rs Discount on your purchases. 

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